Joseph Alexander’s Mom

I have been a teacher for 20 years. It was what I went to University to become and exactly what I did thereafter. I loved every minute, second of being a teacher. Not because of the bureaucracy of the administrations (as they are often what chases good teachers away), but because of the kids. I have always loved kids and enjoyed their candor, their honesty and their innate kindness; traits many times I find we as adults have lost through our pitfalls of life.

So….as I have obviously digressed from my frame of thought… I chose “Josephalexandersmom” as my blog name because as a teacher I have always found it hysterical that we mothers/fathers loose our given name to that of our child’s when they come into the world. So many mornings and afternoons I would hear the kids greet a parent by, Hi Austin’s mom, or Hey its Emily’s dad. It was always funny to me, because I obviously knew their name, but could see how to the kids these parents were “Austin’s mom” and “Emily’s dad”. This was their name!

It is quite charming if you think about it. Like a new start…You now get to be someone new. Someone that actually contributes to the world through the child you have brought into it. It is a grand responsibility to be this new person, as it is up to you to raise this child to be kind, honest, loving, emotionally stable, intelligent and everything else the world expects them to be.

In fact when you look at it this way, it is quite overwhelming, but an absolutely awesome responsibility we are taking on. It is my belief that we as parents take on our grandest roles and challenges through our brining our children up.

Erick Erickson once said, “In the social jungle of human existence, there is no feeling of being alive without a sense of identity”. Therefore as taking on, accepting and embracing this new identity my son has given me; I have in fact found life, happiness and an absolutely crazy world that I could have never imagesd was out there.

I started this blog because as a new parent I feel so much, I think so much, I fear so much…and I believe there are so many new moms out there that must also be a bit overwhelmed with this new identity they have taken on. Even having been around children for as long as I have, and having advised parents for these many many years, it is a different ball-game when the child is your own. You now understand why these parents are so worried, are so needy! It is a BIG RESPONSIBILITY!

This new life which is enriched with love, but completely engulfed with all these new feelings and worries that come with parenting is something that needs to be shared…it is what we are here for. I am Joseph Alexander’s mom and happy to take on this new role in my life.


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