One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Yellow Fish


In Dr Seuss’ own words,” A person is a person, no matter how small”. I find that little people are the ones who see the most beauty in life. Our children find joy in the simplest things; a flower, a ball, a sticker, a fish! It seems to me, the smaller the person, the more beauty you see, the smaller the person the simpler life can be.

Joseph Alexander’s newest joy comes in the form of a rubber fish that cost me exactly $1.00. Yes, his favorite toy right now is this bug-eyed yellow fish that is not the cutest fish out there, but he loves it. It is yellow. It is small. It has big eyes that bug out, and it does absolutely nothing special; other than make him ever so happy.

He runs around with this fish like it is his new binky. Takes it everywhere. Walks around the park with it. Pushes the fish on the swing. Pushes the fish down the slide. Takes a bath with the fish and at the end of a very busy day, falls asleep with his fish!

I love that such a small and insignificant toy can bear such great significance to my son. I love that his world is so honest and simple, that a small small fish can fill it with such wonder and imagination.

I love this simple yellow fish and the happiness it brings my son, but most of all I love that his imagination is wide open and able to see beyond the simplicity before him.


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