My Son’s Curls


I just recently had a beautiful little boy, ok not so much recently (22 months ago) but recently enough. He was born with beautiful (and very little) dark hair. He grew into a beautiful fair skinned, blonde little man with a huge personality; and more energy than should be allowed for such a little boy (and he is truly not even that little).

As a new mother, I of course started to look for traces of myself within my son. When he was born, the fair skin and dark hair was pretty much all we had in common. He is the spitting image of his father. I truly didn’t mind, as he was born the most beautiful little boy I have ever seen; and of course all mothers probably feel this way about their children.

As the months passed he continued to change and slowly he developed his mother’s butt and legs (hahaha) probably not the most desirable traits, as I have very shapely parts; but for a boy they truly are quite cute. He is basically a little linebacker, very tall for his age, in the 99%; and extremely happy always (unless he is not getting his way).

Throughout the first few months I must admit I was a bit worried about his hair, and what very little he had of it. Being someone with very curly, dark, thick, and plentiful hair; it worried me a bit that my son resembled his father on the hair! Thin, hardly there, are the words that come to mind when describing it. And to top it all off, his hair looked like it started in the middle of his head. It was simply not great! He was however the cutest boy, regardless of the hair.

As he grew, I started to notice a lightening of his hair, and the beginning of growth this of course made me so very happy. Little by little, his hair grew and grew and low and behold he has his mother’s curls. Now, you must understand that my curly hair has not always been my favorite feature. If you have curly and unruly hair, you understand that it is very hard to control and style and make this type of hair look good day after day. But my son’s curls have nurtured a new appreciation for my own curls.

My son’s curls remind me of his personality. He is full of energy, spirit and simply not a soul to be tamed! Like his curls, my son is a free spirit, happy, growing fast and free. His curls are a bond between him and myself and as they grow (wild) they remind me that I too should love the curls that bonded me to my father.

My son’s curls have remind me of my strongest bond as a child, the one I had with my father and how as soon as you saw us two together you knew we were one and the same. My son’s curls remind me he and I are one and the same. We are a unit bonded by so much more than just our unruly curls. We are bonded by love, spirit and yes of course our beautiful curly hair.


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