Baby Boo Boos

My son Joseph. No Fear! No Limits.
My son Joseph. No Fear! No Limits.

As a mother there is nothing scarier than when your child gets hurt. My rambunctious little man is a constant accident waiting to happen. He is in constant motion and in constant danger of getting hurt. Just last night he dove off the bed and landed right on his head onto the corner of the night table.

Needless to say, my heart stopped as I leapt after him. After close inspection, we put ice on his forehead for about 30 minutes and were utterly surprised to see that he was ok. And utterly tired from having to retrain him to stay still so we could apply the ice to his forehead! It should have been so much worst, but he is absolutely fine; that is except for a small bruise on his forehead.

These incidents make me stop and think of how amazingly durable these kids are! I still cannot believe that he is ok and that all he has from his nose dive into the corner of the night-stand is a small bruise. Had it been me, it would have been so much worst! In fact I think I have been more scarred by the accident than he is.

Just this morning, he went straight to the bed and again started jumping and running on it. I of course quickly grabbed him and said “NO, NO, No”. Joseph just looked at me in a very quizzical manner, as if saying, “What is the big deal?”

Lesson to be learned here? These kids are made of rubber and our hearts, as mothers unfortunately are NOT! I love my rambunctious son, but he is full of surprises and energy that is simply prone to accidents. Are all boys like this?


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